Garden Debris Collection

Tuesdays, March 28 through October 2023, weather permitting.

2023 River Vale Recycling Calendar (PDF)  includes Garden Debris collection or use our Recycle Coach App, a new and helpful recycling tool!  


Please observe the following rules:

  • Place Garden Debris by the curb on Monday evening.
  • Do not place Garden Debris in the roadway or blocking fire hydrants.
  • Do not mix dirt, rocks, stones, asphalt or similar material with garden debris.
  • All containers shall be removed by 8:00pm on the collection day.

Garden Debris

  • Branches - Less than 2 inches in diameter in approved containers
  • Brush and Bushes - Cut to 4 foot in length and tied in bundles that are less than 50 pounds
  • Grass, in approved containers

Approved Containers

  • Trash Cans - 32 gallons or less, not to exceed 75 pounds in weight, with handles and drain holes or cover(s).
  • Bio-Degradable Paper Bag(s) - Not to exceed 50 pounds in weight, with the word “Bio-Degradable” printed on side.
  • Plastic Bags are not Approved Containers.