Board of Health

About the Board

The River Vale Advisory Board of Health is composed of 7 members who live and/or work in the Township and have expressed an interest in the public health of the community. The members are appointed by the Mayor and serve without compensation.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Advisory Board of Health shall:
  • Attend quarterly Advisory Board of Health Meetings
  • Keep abreast of current health issues on the nation, state and county level for the purpose of discussion and recommendation
  • Make recommendations to the Health Officer and Mayor concerning or relating to the operation and administration of the Division of Health
  • Make recommendations to the Township Council or touching upon matters of policy or ordinance affecting the Division of Health
  • Motivate other residents to live a healthier lifestyle to extend the quality of life
  • Plan and discuss public health programs appropriate to the needs of the community
  • Review Division of Health Staff reports in preparation for discussion at Board Meetings
  • Serve as a conduit and liaison for local public health issues affecting the community