Public Works

Mission Statement

The mission of the Public Works Department, guided by common sense and accountability, strives to plan and to provide our community with the highest quality public service that continually enhances the quality of life for all our citizens by maintaining, preserving and protecting the infrastructure and resources of the Township in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

We recognize that our employees are our most valued resource and are to be treated with respect and dignity. They will be properly trained to respond safely, with excellence to any work task assigned and to any emergency that may develop. They will also be trained and oriented concerning their individual responsibilities as public servants.

A professional atmosphere is to be maintained through continuing education, training, and adherence to safety principles; in turn, we will continue to educate elected officials, and the public of the importance of Public Works and the impact of their decisions. 

No one likes them. They seem to pop up overnight. In reality, potholes are created in a number of ways. When water seeps into cracks on the road's surface and is combined with the vibration of traffic it causes the asphalt to fail. This is why there are more potholes after it rains. 

Potholes are also created when trucks and buses stress the roadway causing a movement of the subsurface. Once there is a weak spot, every car that travels over it worsens the problem, and eventually a section of the material will fail. The most common cause is the freeze/thaw cycle. The ice/snow melts during the day filling cracks with water. At night the water freezes and expands, popping out the asphalt.

Report It
To report a pothole, please complete an online DPW Road Maintenance form

All municipal roads are done through the Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works will report all potholes on county roads to the Bergen County Road Department.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

The State has adopted the Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program to address water quality degradation through out the state. River Vale, along with all other municipalities, is required to implement specific basic requirements to protect our waters. One of those requirements is to provide the public with educational information about Stormwater Pollution Prevention.


With that, please read Solutions to Stormwater Pollution (PDF) which will provide you with information on how to keep our water clean and plentiful.

Please click here for information on River Vale's 2018 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SPPP).

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