Junior Police Academy

What is a Junior Police Academy?

The River Vale Junior Police Academy is an avenue through which students in the 7th and 8th grades can learn about both their local police department and the criminal justice system at large.

Instructors of the River Vale Junior Police Academy include members of the River Vale Police Department as well as members of Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies.  Each session's goal is to educate the students on the various facets of criminal law, procedure, and enforcement.  The program runs each Fall and lasts approximately ten weeks.  Classes are held at the Holdrum Middle School and include both theoretical and practical lessons in a variety of areas.  Additionally, recruits are treated to several off-site trips to Law Enforcement-related venues.

The Junior Police Academy has proven to be a valuable experience for all involved and has provided a vital link between the Police Department and the youth of River Vale.  Further, the Junior Police Academy has afforded students a deeper understanding of the Police function as well as an increased ability to see what the Police and the community can do to serve the Township.  The overwhelming success of the River Vale Junior Police Academy has far exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.  This program attracts a highly motivated group of recruits, and the Instructors thoroughly enjoy their interaction with these young people.

The program is under the direction of Lieutenant John DeVoe, Sergeant Peter Martin, Sergeant Dino Dinelli, Sergeant John Guglielmotti, Sergeant Joshua Wisse, Sergeant Jared Arcidiacono and P.O. William MacRae.

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