Community Services

  1. Business Directory

    View a listing of local businesses with contact information in the area.

  2. Civic Organizations

    Get to know the local civic organizations of River Vale.

  3. Community Center / Amphitheather

    Learn a little about both of the facilities and reserve them for you next event.

  4. Community Events

    Upcoming events and programs for the community to enjoy.

  5. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.

  6. Education

    Get to know the different schools in the district.

  7. Farmers Market

    Learn about the River Vale Farmers market such as dates and times as well as vendors.

  8. First Friends

    First Friends is a municipally sponsored playgroup, run by volunteer parents, for children ages 1 - 5.

  9. Food Pantry

    Get involved with the River Vale Food Pantry and help feed the less fortunate.

  10. Mayors Wellness Campaign Programs

  11. Public Works

  12. Senior Citizens

    Get involved as a senior in River Vale, New Jersey.

  13. Social & Cultural Programs

    The Social and Cultural Affairs Department welcomes any residents to assist or join its growing committee.

  14. Summer Camps

    View all of the available summer camps for kids in River Vale.

  15. Town Wide Garage Sale

  16. Health Info & Events