Tax Assessment & Collection

Special Note:  July 2018

The Township of River Vale will be mailing out estimated tax bills for the August 1, 2018 tax quarter.  Once the final tax rate is certified by the County Board of Taxation, a final tax bill for the November 1, 2018 tax quarter and the preliminary taxes for the first and second tax quarters of 2019, due February 1 and May 1, will be mailed in September 2018.

If you pay your taxes through your mortgage company, the statement will say, “This is not a bill, for advice only.”  If you receive an “advice only” statement, but do not have a mortgage company, use this statement to pay your taxes.  Your mortgage company should send us a notice to remove your bank code.

Estimated bills are issued when, by mid-June, the tax rate has not been certified to any of the taxing entities, namely the County of Bergen, Board of Education, and Township municipal government. Rates are certified or set by the County Board of Taxation after receiving the budgets of all municipalities and school districts, which first must be certified by the State of New Jersey Division of Local Government.

By law, the Township is responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of the three taxing entities referred. Payments are forwarded quarterly to both the County of Bergen and the Board of Education. The issuance of estimated bills is important for municipal government, in order to prevent cash liquidity problems which might affect normal operations and provision of services.

As customary, the taxes paid for the first and second installments of this year were based on the prior year tax rate. The third installment represents one-half of the estimated increase in taxes for the first two quarters, had the current year tax rate been in place at the beginning of the year.

  1. Assessments
  2. Tax Collection

Our primary goals are to:

  • Provide a fair and equitable base for distributing property taxes.
  • Educate the public in the process.
  • Provide access to a wealth of information pertaining to real property and sales of real property.

Annually the Assessment Department is responsible for accurately identifying, listing, and valuing all real property in the Township as well as defending the values. This requires the collection, interpretation and maintenance of data from numerous sources. Through the use of technology we are able to provide other departments and the public access to our database. The Department also administers numerous programs provided by New Jersey State Statutes including senior citizen, disabled persons and veterans tax deductions, farmland assessments, tax exemptions to eligible non-profit organizations, sales ratio, and annual assessment notifications.

Tax Assessor - Michael Barker Email 
Assistant to the Assessor - Joanne Allgor Email or 201-664-2346, ext. 1006

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