Boards & Committees

  1. Board of Fire Officers

    View the members of the Board of Fire Officers and what fire station they belong to.

  2. Board of Health

    Find out who is a member of the River Vale Board of Health and explore what they do to keep the public informed on the latest health events.

  3. Environmental Committee

    The Environmental Committee of the Township of River Vale is appointed by the Mayor and Township Council as an advisory body. The committee meets on a regular basis to consider recommendations to the governing body as well as to review and evaluate the progress of existing environmental projects.

  4. Historical Committee

    Find out what the Historical Committee has been up to trying to bring the community the history of River Vale.

  5. Mayors Wellness Campaign

    The campaign is comprised of members of the community who are interested in improving various aspects of health and wellness. The mission of the MWC is to equip mayors and other key leaders with the tools to develop and implement active-living initiatives in their communities with the ultimate goal of improving health and reducing the skyrocketing health care costs that come with the obesity epidemic in New Jersey.

  6. Joint Planning Board

    Get to know the members of the Planning Board, learn about meetings via agendas and find out when upcoming meetings will be held.

  7. Shade Tree Committee

    The Shade Tree Committee is responsible for restoring and maintaining River Vale's tree population. Trees in the Township provide beauty and utility. The Shade Tree Committee recognizes the value and believes that trees are one of our town's greatest assets.

  8. Town Council

    Find out when the Town Council meets so that you can attend and stay up to date. If you cannot make the meeting, view the minutes from previous meetings.