Emergency Services

  1. Ambulance Corps

    Get to know the River Vale Ambulance Cops and what they do to serve the community.

  2. Emergency Management

    This group is comprised of residents from the Township who receive specialized training in the various areas of emergency management and response.

  3. Fire Department

    The River Vale Volunteer Fire Department has a proud and illustrious past, which was forged and built up by our volunteer predecessors. Our fire department is in it’s 88th year and is a highly trained, deeply dedicated team of men and women from within our community.

  4. Flood Information

    Explore a list of helpful links that can keep you prepared in case of a flood.

  5. Hospital Information

    Contact information and links to the websites of River Vale's most local hospitals.

  6. Police Department

    Get to know the River Vale Police Department and learn about services they provide, forms associated with the department and more.